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Everything FUN Happens LaughterHours…

LaughterHours Comedy is a growing entertainment enterprise based out of El Paso, Texas. Founded by established local comedy performers, LaughterHours Comedy brings new life to the comedy and entertainment industry in El Paso and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to the promotion, performance, and improvement of everything comedy happening in El Paso and the surrounding areas. We work with performers, writers, filmmakers, and everyone interested in the art of comedy, providing workshops and classes for those interested in learning or refining their craft. We also host our own website in which we feature original sketches, comedy writers, performers profiles, and news of everything going on in the community with a comedic twist. The website is always being updated with the latest information and it serves as a great tool to keep the community as a whole informed on LaughterHours Comedy and related events. We also offers comedy shows to local business and private organizations. These range from private corporate events to weekly shows at local bars and restaurants. We currently are working on helping our local comedy community with daily Comedy Open Mics, a show which is not only fun and entertaining, but it also serves as a great public speaking and social interaction tool.

What We Believe

While we constantly strive to build an excellent foundation for comedians, LaughterHours Comedy is very interested in helping out the community that supports them. LaughterHours Comedy for a Cause! is a program designated to help charities, non-profit organizations, and the community in general with organizing, scheduling, promoting, and everything needed to have a successful comedy show. Our comedians have years of experience in the field and have received numerous awards and recognitions by organizations and the city for their efforts in helping the whole community.

LaughterHours Managment Team

GIBBS SAADManaging Director
Visual Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Comedian, Entrepreneur, Nerd. Never make direct eye contact.
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LANDO VCMedia Director
Lando is an accredited Digital Film Director. Currently head of Media productions for LHC Marketing & LaughterHours Comedy
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Noele Aceves
Noele AcevesExecutive Administrator
Noele babysits senior management and pretty much runs the office and all the administrative things that need to be done for a business to keep running. She is the boss.
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Interested in becoming a Comedian? Trivia Geek? Karaoke Host? We are always looking for fun, energetic, and motivated people to join our team of artists and performers!

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