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“The Karaoke Superstar Show quickly became our staple for Wednesday nights,” says Veronica Garcia, Manager at Jack’s Beach House. “With the best entertainers in town hosting the show, our customers come back every week. Laughterhours Comedy does an excellent job of producing this and other great shows all across the city!”

The Laughterhours Karaoke Superstar Show is a comedy venture incorporating improv comedy with karaoke to create a show of rockstar proportions.

The Superstar Karaoke Show! is currently featured at Funkmeyers Rec Room & Jack’s Beach House! Starting at 9pm EVERY WEDNESDAY, at Barmen Patio & Kitchen Bar on the westside of El Paso starting  at 9pm EVERY THURSDAY, and at Maverick’s Billiards on the Eastside of El Paso on Thursday, Friday, & Sunday at 9pm! Check out our Event Calendar for additional show information! 

“Everyone gets to sing along in the audience and cheer on their favorite—or all—of the singers. We make everyone that gets on
stage feels like a star and make sure that everyone in the crowd has the time of their life. Pictures and videos are highly encouraged. The faster people share the time they had with us on on Facebook and Instagram, the better!” said Gibbs Saad, Laughterhours owner. “I admire the people that have no shame and just like to have fun up there, really let themselves go. When they pick up the mic and sing their favorite song while dancing and making a spectacle of themselves, it’s awesome and hilarious. The excitement in their faces when they get through performing—like they’ve just rocked the halftime show at the Superbowl—that’s great. Laughterhours Karaoke Superstar a judgment-free zone where everyone can unleash their inner rock-star and that’s the way we like it!”