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LaughterHours Comedy

Laughterhours Comedy, the premiere producer of comedy events in the Southwest, is proud to present Comedy Tuesdays at Jack’s Beach House in East El Paso and our Specialty Comedy Showcases at Barmen Patio Bar in West El Paso. Also every other Thursday enjoy the LaughterHours Comedy Show at 3 Pint Pub in Northeast El Paso.

We also offer Comedy Open Mics to help new and established comedians work on their craft at venues across El Paso like out Tuesday Midnight Open Mic at Jack’s Beach House in East El Paso and on Wednesdays at Ace in the Hole in West El Paso! We also feature comedy showcases and special events at El Paso Comic Strip.

You have more than one chance to catch comedy during the week, with a mix of nationally touring comedians as well as local favorites and up-and-comers!

“We are comedians, working together to achieve our goals.”

-Gibbs Saad
Founder Laughterhours Comedy 

“We are doing a lot of quality comedy shows all over the city and the response has been great. The audiences are loving the alternative talent that we bring to our stages ” says Gibbs Saad, marketing director for Laughterhours Comedy. “The best part of Funkmeyers Rec Room Comedy Tuesdays is the stage and the use of the awesome large screen, it’s the kind of comedy you would never see on television and can only be enjoyed LIVE! These type of comedy shows also help local comedians get stage time in front of their local fans and friends.” Laughterhours Comedy, established in 2008, is based out of El Paso, Texas. The company’s website features original comedy content; including local news blogs, original videos, as well as an event calendar.

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